Blog 03 Jan 2016

Darsej Rizaj

Is programming an overload for the child?

Recently a new trend has been created in Prishtina where you can hear different parents that have decided to send their child to a programming course. However, the moment you mentioned programming as a notion, it shows us a strange feeling which is mainly created by different beliefs about programming and raises the question of whether programming is a burden for my child?

For most people who do not have a primary IT profession, programming is a taboo subject and is automatically associated with high levels of complexity, coding, psychic load, stereotypes like Geek or Nerd. This portrayal for programmers is primarily a portrait created from movies where you can see a person or hacker programming complex things that at first glance seem like they are not the product of this world. To make things simple, programming is nothing but a language like Albanian. If we analyze the Albanian language, we can conclude that our language has its own grammatical rules, alphabet and a good number of words that must be learned to communicate, read or write.

Likewise, Programming is a language through which I give various instructions to the computer. Each programming language has its own rules and a set of words to be learned. However, what makes programming easy is that the basic rules (grammar in this case) are the same for every programming language. In other words, if you learn these rules, it does not matter what programming language you use, as you can easily find the words.

In our case, Children's Programming is the same as the Alphabet they learn in first grade and the basic rules of math. Children learn the basic logic of programming rules and this way in the future they will be able to understand any programming language and use it.


To save children from complex programming words, they create their own programs through blocks where they learn concepts and logic, while at the same time not being burdened with technological terms.

The ability to create new things through programming is a power that has no limits. A person who is capable of creating, no matter the profession in the future, be it Lawyer, Economist, Salesman or Doctor he will never be addicted to creating personal digital tools and give him an advantage that he will differ from any other person who does not have these skills.

Digital School is a certified school in Prishtina, with experts in the field that enables learning programming for children aged 8 - 15 years.