Blog 16 Mar 2016

Darsej Rizaj

What do children learn in the Digital School?

It is very clear that children in the Digital School learn programming, you may have understood this from the website or from marketing campaigns, however the word programming alone is not enough for many parents, considering that programming is a broad topic.

What do children learn? It is this question that the staff of the Digital School every day tries to explain in the simplest way to all interested parents. For this reason, I as the CEO of the Digital School have decided to write this article, to make the meaning as easy as possible for all parents who have not yet managed to visit the School or talk to us.

I do not want to dwell on the topics of whether it is a burden, or the reasons why children should learn as these have been elaborated in many previous articles (you can read here). I want to focus more on the details of what children learn from us.

To be a programmer, engineer, IT or any professional is not enough to have only professional knowledge. It is something that I have always repeated in the professional trainings I had as an adult. The profession is only 50% of success. The rest has to do with general education.

What is meant by general education? It is not enough just family education to be a professional, it is also professional education. In digital school, children are taught how to behave in a work environment, how to cooperate with each other and what success or team punishment means. A good number of children at first did not have a sense of team… They have now begun to learn how to function as a single entity, to have a team spirit and to protect each other.

The curriculum with which children learn is designed so that from time to time children are challenged with certain problems. At least every day during the lesson they have a problem that is more difficult than all the others. It tests children's patience for how long they have the patience to try to solve a problem. It is very important to learn patience at work. Things in life are not always as simple or predictable as we would like them to be, so it is essential that they are always ready to face problems that take you longer than they initially thought.

The other part of learning besides programming is technological culture. What is meant by technological culture in this case? It is a miserable situation… when it asks over 100 students if they have ever heard of digital security in schools and in most cases it gets a NO to the cold. Allowing a child to browse the internet today without a basic digital culture or without protection from age-inappropriate materials is like putting a child in the Amazon jungle for the first time and letting them survive. only.

The dangers of the Internet is a topic that is discussed at every level in the Digital School, where we teach children how to protect themselves and be aware of the potential dangers and harms they can cause to themselves or their families. Moreover, they also teach digital education, which is similar to civic education where we teach children to be honest and dignified "digital citizens" considering that humanity is living the longest time digitally today. This phenomenon, whether we like it or not, we can not avoid, but we must be educated.

Every level in the Digital School is balanced. Children in the Digital School learn how to create and control technology through programming, they also learn technological history, they learn digital culture and digital security. Above all, we are preparing the children to have a cooperative spirit and to be mentally prepared for any challenge that may arise in the future.

Darsej Rizaj
CEO / Teacher