Blog 24 Feb 2017

Darsej Rizaj

Helping SOS children learn programming skills

Shkolla Digjitale is a private school which is the first of a kind in Kosovo that got accredited by the national authority for qualifications for teaching Computers Sciences, Programming, Robotics and Electronic courses for children aged 4 to 18 years old.

Currently Shkolla Digjitale operates in Prishtina and Ferizaj and it numbers around 600 active students.

Even though it’s been only one year that Shkolla Digjitale is operating in Kosovo ICT sector, it has given specific attention onto helping children in need and especially foster children who are part of Kosovo SOS village.

IT sector is becoming every day and more related with every profession of the future. Automation of the processes and robotics are replacing as of now many professions which soon will be completely vanished, making Computer Science and programming the profession of the future. Thus, nowadays every kid should be able to have the opportunity to learn decent IT skills in order to be able to be prepared and survive in this fast growing economy. Unfortunately, not every kid today has the possibility to get decent IT learning. Taking this into account, Shkolla Digjitale has expressed the interest to help SOS children of Prishtina through offering them the possibility of learning IT skills as all other children.

To make this possible, Ipko Foundation showed their support and helped Shkolla Digjitale co-finance this endeavor through making it possible for 6 Children of SOS village to attend one-year IT classes free of charge.

Since September 2016, these 6 kids from SOS Village are attending regularly programming lessons at Shkolla Digjitale. They are learning what programming is and how to create their own computer games or programs, through the latest curricula developed in IT global market.

Beside learning how to code computer programs, these kids are also learning about computer sciences and digital culture, where they get extensive lessons over their behavior online and how it can affect them and the people around them. They are also learning how to protect themselves online by taking care of their digital footprint.

All of this will have a direct impact in the child’s brain in the way that they get their critical thinking boosted and considering that they will be creating things from scratch, it will make sure that their creativity is enriched with new methods on how they can express themselves, and most importantly it will help them secure a work in their near future.

We as a school would strongly encourage any entrepreneur or individual to try their chance to apply at the Ipko Foundation and get their idea or dreams a step closer to becoming true.