Blog 05 Mar 2021

Darsej Rizaj

Inspire girls on their journey into the world of technology

Girls in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a world with COVID-19

Statement for the International Women's Day - March 8, 2021, a day which is manifested with all the achievements of women in all fields. Now is the time to make full use of the leading power of women and girls to achieve a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable future.

"Girls in the world of coding"

This is the motto of the Digital School, as a sign of support not only today but every day, to all girls who have the will and desire to advance in the field of coding and information technology.

The participation of women in various sectors of work has been steadily increasing, resulting in inclusion and gender equality in each field. It is worth noting that in the field of information technology, girls have a very large impact, as a result of interest especially in the field of programming.


The Digital School, since 2015, the year of its establishment, has supported the presence of girls at every level of the company, starting from management, teaching instructors, administration, and human resources. Undoubtedly, this composition is strongly complemented by our students who have been attending the programming course for many years now.

Increasing the number of girls coding


Today, we are proud to see young people expressing more interest in technology, and in particular in coding. Investing in coding learning is a long-term investment, programming is considered to be the profession of the future.

About 30% of students in the Digital School are girls

With the increase of awareness, the number of students in the Digital School has increased, especially the girls, where their participation in most groups has increased by about 30%.


Our girls have created creative and functional programs, which facilitate the work, especially real projects for clients. Some of our girls' many projects are:

Website "Safari group" by Amela Kajtazi
Website "Monvelli" by Laida Rusinovci
Website "Calliope" by Erika Arllati
Website "Fiona's music center" by Andrra Sopi
Website "Minecraft" by Ana Hasani
Website "Erta's Makeup Studio" by Erta Ahmeti
Game "Code Game" by Vlera Shala
"Find my clothes" application from Tea Reqica
Website “Art & Music Kosova” from Vesa Breznica
Applications and games from Erza & Elda Gacaferi

We invite all girls aged 8-18, to learn coding with us because our future is in your hands.

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