Blog 22 Aug 2023

Digital School

Interview with Hana Qerimi on Poland's international television highlights the potential of Kosovo's youth

The Director of the Digital School and StarLabs, Hana Qerimi, participated in an interview on Poland's international television 'TVP World', where she supported the work of entrepreneurs, emphasizing the significant potential of our country's youth.

"Despite challenges, obstacles, and tensions, there is also a vibrant side to this youth nation nestled in the Balkans. Kosovo, in this context, represents the home of young entrepreneurs who are surpassing their national borders. The Information Technology sector is experiencing growth, and although still in its early stages, it offers numerous opportunities. The new generations of entrepreneurs are a true testament to the meaning of Entrepreneurship and the willingness to take risks, just as many parts of the West would aspire to achieve. Today, joining us here is Hana Qerimi, an entrepreneur from Kosovo, who will share her story with us," Kosovo and Hana were introduced at the beginning of the interview.

"Certainly, it wasn't easy because initially the investment we had to make, financing, and everything were challenges, especially for me as a young person in Kosovo. What I did with my partner Darsej was to invest around €1,000 from our own funds, and today we have grown our enterprise globally with a Digital School that has become a global franchise in more than 20 countries. So, it started as something very small in the center of Pristina, with all the challenges we had to face, but we managed to do it," said Hana.

She called on foreign investors to come to Kosovo to see what is happening, to understand that it is a safe place to stay, live, and start a business, as the country has a lot of potential. However, unfortunately, the unemployment rate is still high, and the number of unemployed youth is significant. Hana also added that the world needs to see more of what we have to offer, not just for ourselves but also for Europe and the world.

Follow Hana's full interview to hear about her perspectives on the challenges of doing business in Kosovo, the state of the business sector, and much more: Click here