Blog 12 Oct 2021

Vlora Gjurka

Interview with our student of the month, Dion Osmani

When asked by Dion where he first heard about the programming course, he replied:
“For the Digital School, for the first time I was interested in the school building in Ferizaj, which encouraged me to get more information about it. "Since 2017, four (4) years ago, I started the programming course, and today I continue to be part of this school, at the advanced level", said Dioni.

How much knowledge he had in this field before he started the programming course at the Digital School, Dioni showed that he started from scratch, so he had no knowledge at all. Regarding his numerous projects realized during the four (4) year period, Dioni emphasized:
"Among my most special projects, in which I have expressed a lot of commitment and I have worked with a lot of motivation, I will single out the project worked with PHP and MySQL languages, because the connection and cooperation of the database has been something that I has aroused a lot of interest.

Recall that Dioni, thanks to his active engagement in online activities organized every week by the Digital School and thanks to numerous votes from other students, in the academic year 2019/2020 has been House Master at the Digital School. In this regard, he told us more:
“Houses in the Digital School is one of the most valuable experiences for me, because thanks to my involvement with houses, I have introduced many talented students from all over the world. With these students, we collaborated to win the house race and today we have the same interests and continue to have good company. Engaging with houses has enabled me to learn and participate in games at the same time. Also, project coding and code decryption has been one of the most attractive aspects, because at the same time I gained knowledge in programming and I had fun with interesting activities.


As a House Master in Digital School, Dioni emphasizes that challenges develop students' logic in different areas of technology and beyond, so he suggests all students get involved and be a part of it.
"Two challenges that I single out are that of code decryption, which I completed first of all participants and at the same time was the first decryption for me which lasted several hours. Following this challenge, Digital School has created a personal challenge for me in order to get even more involved in this regard since I have been successful. "I felt extremely happy when I completed these two challenges successfully," he said, among other things.

How much the programming course helped Dion in his direction in the faculty, tells us more:
"At the moment, I am at the Java level, which is known as one of the most popular languages in the world and will undoubtedly be very important in my future. At the same time, he is studying at UBT College in Computer Science and Engineering. The knowledge I gained in the programming course has created a very good basis for the faculty, thanks to which I have much easier studies ".

Currently, Dioni is working on several projects simultaneously with the Java programming language, in order to practice all the knowledge gained in the Digital School.


Learning programming has many benefits for children because it teaches them to think logically, to learn problem solving, to develop work habits, to express creativity and to socialize with the community of programmers from all over the world.

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