Blog 11 Dec 2017

Darsej Rizaj

Digital School breaks the record! Over 1200 students participated in the coding week

Coding Week is a global organization aimed at raising awareness of parents and children around the world about the effective learning of information technology from childhood. During the coding lesson, the children understand the importance of learning programming and try to apply it in practice.

Considering that the Digital School is closely affiliated with the CODE organization in America, during this global initiative the Digital School has also joined this event.

During the Coding Week at the Digital School in Prishtina and Ferizaj, the record was broken in Kosovo and in the region where as a single school it managed to accept over 1200 students who tried an hour of free coding and listened to the lecture on the importance of programming.

Although in Kosovo this topic is not yet being seriously addressed by institutions and the media, the Digital School is filling a gap in the education of children through organized information technology courses.

Today in the Digital School over 600 children attend regular programming courses. After only 2 years since the beginning of the Digital School, students have managed to create Mobile Applications, build websites and create computer games.

We feel proud that we are contributing to the development of this generation which will bring out new professional staff who will be able to face the challenges of the future.