Blog 17 Dec 2015

Darsej Rizaj

The coding hour is held at the Digital School

Coding Hour is a global movement involving tens of millions of participants from more than 180 countries aged 4 to 104. To date, more than 100 million people globally have participated in Coding Hour. Coding Hour is a one-hour presentation on computer science, designed to demystify coding and prove that anyone can learn the basics.

Every student should be given the opportunity to learn computer science. This helps with problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. Starting early, students will have the basics of success for any career in the 21st century. Today, for the first time, 18 students from the Britannica ELT foreign language school participated in the Digital School. Almost all students have managed to complete the coding class successfully. Due to the huge global premiere of the Star Wars movie, the Digital School has decided that Coding Hour will be Star Wars motifs.

Below you can see a photo gallery of the event.


Moments from the Coding Hour in the Digital School


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