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Vlora Gjurka

Interview with instructor Liburna Mehmeti

Once a student, today an instructor in a programming course

Liburna Mehmeti, at the age of 13, joined her peer group in a 'computer course' to learn more about the world of technology.
"I enrolled in the Digital School six (6) years ago and to be honest then we did not know what programming is, so we called the course 'computer course'. In the Digital School I understood what programming is and what it can do to do more concretely with programming. "


Six (6) years in the programmer's journey, what pushed you to continue learning programming without interruption?
"At first I was a little hesitant because it was something very new for us as a society, but also for me as an individual. The main reason that encouraged me to continue is because here we were in a very good, quiet environment, where in addition to programming we have also discussed various topics, something that has developed us as persons and helped us in our adolescence.Also, the cooperation with the school instructors has helped me to feel as comfortable as possible so I still keep it today "I remember myself when I started as a child and I see how far I have come today."

The ideal age to create attractive and modern applications over time. Tell us which of your first applications stands out the most?
"Among the many projects I have developed during this time, without a doubt one of my moments that I remember with great pride is the 'Cultural Heritage' app. This app has been declared the winner of the ICT Awards in the Rising Star category. I am proud of this app. "because it was developed by a wonderful team of students, with the help of Darsey - the Founder of the Digital School. It was an even more proud moment when we realized that this project also involved the children of SOS Village to be part of the programming course."


As one of the most lucrative industries, have you certainly had job offers in the programming industry or in a project or not?
"Because of the experience and all these years in the Digital School that we as students have learned in addition to the basics of programming, we have all managed to develop together to an advanced level. Of course each of us has had different job offers , or to join a project, I have also accepted such offers, but I chose to join a larger team, where I feel much freer, and I wanted the same feeling that I have "I will pass it on to other students within the Digital School, so I can share my knowledge with others. Due to the development of the labor market in this field, the employment opportunity is quite large."

Your participation in numerous events has not been absent, as a distinguished and dedicated student
"Among the many events and events worth mentioning, the ICT Awards is a special event in which I participated, then the Girls in ICT conference and of course the Hackathons, the events within the Digital School after the completion of personal and group projects. "

Benefits of learning programming?
"Apart from learning different programming languages and programming logic, we have also gained other perspectives not only on programming, but also on everything else because we thought in a different perspective. I as a person, when I started I was a person closed, and over time I have gained self-confidence because each instructor has given the maximum for each student to be involved in the class, and we have found there the space to show our best side. "

After all these successes, what are you currently engaged in?
"I am in the second year of the faculty, in the direction of Computer Science and Digital School, which has offered me the opportunity and entrusted me with the job of lecturing as a programming instructor. because from the perspective of the student to the instructor it is a pleasure for me to pass on my knowledge and energy to the generations of the Digital School. "

How prepared is Liburna to teach programming?
"Apart from helping others during the lessons, I have also been an assistant instructor at the Summer School for two (2) months, which is organized every year at the Digital School. Those two months have gone very quickly and now I feel very lucky "I have been given the opportunity to teach as an instructor for a longer period of time."


From student to programming instructor ... How do you feel?
"If I think about the time when I started from scratch and did not know what I could do as a programmer, at the age of thirteen (13), the Information Technology (IT) professions were considered as professions for boys. This has hindered me. a little because we girls have the same capacity to learn and achieve something.If I see my journey from six (6) years ago until now, I can say it has been challenging, but this journey becomes easier when you have people around whom he constantly cooperates. "


Liburna advice for all her peers?
"For all my peers who want to start programming even those who are afraid to start, I had linked to a current example, the pandemic period we are in. Even if in the future you study a "Another profession, basic knowledge about technology will be something necessary for everyone. But, it is even better if you delve into the learning of programming because the job market in this field is constantly evolving."

So where do you see yourself in your career?
"In the near future, I see myself in the specialization of the field of programming and during my journey I hope to have cooperation with the staff of the Digital School, in big projects and always with the wonderful generations that will come every year and together "We enjoy the success of those who reach the end of the advanced level, as instructors or part of the staff."

Learning programming has many benefits for children because it teaches them to think logically, to learn problem solving, to develop work habits, to express creativity and to socialize with the community of programmers from all over the world.

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