Blog 11 Aug 2023

Digital School

The Digital School and StarLabs have been brought into the spotlight in 'The Economist', as protagonists of innovation and success

The achievements of the Digital School and StarLabs have been featured in an article about the development of the digital economy, in one of the most important and globally recognized magazines, 'The Economist', which reaches millions of readers on a weekly basis.

Journalists from 'The Economist' visited our offices in Pristina, during which they conducted an interview with the leader of both companies, Hana Qerimi.

In this article, the expansion of the Digital School into over 25 international countries has been emphasized, in collaboration with the world's largest language school, 'Bertlitz'.


Alongside the Digital School, the sister company, 'StarLabs', has also been recognized as one of the largest software development companies in Kosovo, serving clients including the Gaming Innovation Group in Stockholm.

"Ms. Qerimi has been working on the other side of the digital ecosystem by training the country’s next generation of coders through Digital School and building an export-oriented service business with StarLabs.

Although Ms. Qerimi set up Digital School before StarLabs, it has become something of a feeder organization for the latter, training up young talent for the fast-growing ICT industry. Since its founding in 2017, StarLabs has built itself into one of the largest software development outsourcing companies in Kosovo, serving customers including the Stockholm-listed Gaming Innovation Group,"
is quoted in the article.


This is another step forward on our path to success, showcasing that our efforts and innovations are being recognized and acknowledged internationally. The photos present some excerpts from the article in "The Economist," which you can find in its entirety: Click here.