Blog 26 Nov 2020

Darsej Rizaj

How much girls are involved in ICT?

Girls in ICT

A large percentage of girls still think that the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not a field in which they can develop for a career. Many of them are left out because whenever someone emphasizes the word technical it is implied as difficult and an area in which boys are more likely to develop and as a result, only 20% of girls are involved in ICT sector.


What is the number of girls in the Digital School?


The Digital School continuously supports the empowerment of girls in the field of programming and technology. In this way she has spotted very talented and hardworking girls whose work is being affirmed by taking their example and inspiration for their circle and society. In its beginnings as a course, there were only 1 girl in the class, while now each class has at least 3 girls attending the programming course.

Do girls have a penchant for programming?


Technology does not recognize gender! The first programmer was a woman, in addition many women have launched large initiatives and are successful not only in the IT sector but also in areas where engineering skills are required. We call on and encourage all girls to develop into what they want and believe that success starts with initiative, courage, hard work and perseverance.

Is there gender equality in the labor market?


Today, most companies are empowering and hiring girls who are skilled and talented, especially in the field of technology, where in addition to talent, work is what helps 99% to develop, depending on the will and conditions created.

How aware are the girls?

Supporting girls in their education and development has begun to have a stronger voice than before. Fortunately, awareness of gender equality where girls see themselves on the same level as the opposite sex, has reached a high level of awareness, better said many of them are even more capable and ambitious, since already the position in which they will find themselves and create themselves.