Blog 22 Jul 2021

Vlora Gjurka

Summer School Online

Why should your child attend Summer School?

Curriculum dedicated to students aged 11-18 in order to gain theoretical and practical skills in technology, more specifically in the most current areas in the world such as:

3D Games, Music Production, Creating Unencrypted Applications, Web UI / UX Design, Artificial Intelligence and Live Streaming.

The advantage of this online school is the opportunity to attend it wherever the children are, it is enough to have internet access to take courses from home and gain skills in various directions by spending fun time with our online community.

Opportunity to attend courses online or physically

The digital world has undergone major changes during the pandemic, which has led many businesses to adapt to working from home online. A great advantage of the Digital School alongside the classical schools has been the nature of the activity, where within a week the whole learning process has managed to pass from physically to online, thanks to the technological skills of all students and instructors.

Given the possibility of access to summer courses from wherever students are, online learning will continue to be one of the teaching methods and the Summer School will be optional for attending attractive summer courses online or physically.


The best time to take challenging courses

The summer period, when students have free time is the best period to attend courses through which children are trained in various areas of information technology. This way, your kids will better manage their free time during the summer vacation period.

The hospitable and very attractive environment of the Summer School is also the perfect environment to make many new friends. During summer courses, students have the opportunity to work on group projects, which affects the socialization of your children with their peers.

Understanding independent learning

During an academic year in regular school, teachers focus more on achieving their set goals than on encouraging students to discover their potential. Summer School meets these complex needs by focusing on skill development and stimulating curiosity, creativity and self-confidence.

Kurse atraktive për grupmoshat 11-18 vjeç


We offer 6 summer courses and a lot of fun for young people, the curriculum of which includes learning various technical and organizational skills such as:

1. Web Applications Without Coding📱
During this course, children learn how to build functional web applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Airbnb without coding. This is practiced using pre-created functions which enable the creation of various professional software.

2. Artificial Intelligence 🤖
Children learn how the logic of the various applications we use in real life works, such as: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc. The Artificial Intelligence (AI & Machine Learning) course will teach children the key concepts and their applications in real life.

3. Music Production 🎼
Children learn how to create beats, as well as practice recording, editing and creating music by creating music in the style of well-known artists such as Dua Lipa, Avicii and Martin Garrix.

4. Web Design (User Interface / User Experience Design) 💻
Kids learn the latest web design techniques and tools with a focus on interface design and user experience (UI / UX) for websites and applications. The course aims to train them in developing thinking from the customer / user perspective to design products.

5. Development of 3D🕹 Computer Games
During this course, children learn how to create 3D and 2D games without having to write code, using technologies that enable the creation of complex games through block programming.

6. Online Broadcast 🎙
The course focuses on technical preparation to provide children with the skills for live online broadcasting. They also learn the use of various applications and technical analysis that should be considered before the 'live' broadcast.