Blog 15 Apr 2021

Vlora Gjurka

28 students benefit from internship at StarLabs

28 students from the Digital School in Prishtina and Ferizaj, who have been part of the Digital School since the age of 12, have completed the last level of the programming course.


Part of the Digital School for more than 4 years


Having started a long journey from the age of 12, these children have learned programming logic and continued until the advancement of skills at a professional level. During this period they have learned: block programming, 2D and 3D game programming, mobile application development and professional web development.

Upon completion of the "React Native" level they are certified as Back End Developers


Upon successful completion of the final level of the programming course, they are the beneficiaries of a 2-month internship at StarLabs Company, which provides high quality external ICT services.

Advantages of practice in the field of programming

During the internship period, students practice and improve their skills and knowledge that they have learned during the programming course. They also learn how to work in a work environment with larger teams, and this helps them in the future. Students will be part of real projects and will have the opportunity to collaborate with the programmers of this company.


Teamwork is more productive and motivating towards achieving goals

The main focus in the Digital School lies in developing the programming logic so that new programmers become independent in any programming language they will need to use in their future.

Another successful generation


We are proud to be contributing to the development of new generations, which will bring out new professional staff and will be able to face the challenges of the future.