Blog 21 Dec 2015

Darsej Rizaj

Is my child a tech genius?

We are used to hearing comments from many parents, how their child is a technological talent from an early age with computers, or how their child can control any smartphone. These comments do not come from parents with children aged 8 or 10… you can also hear these comments from parents who have children aged 2 years or in rare cases 1 year.

Does this mean that we are living in an age where a generation of super talent and technological genius will soon flood in? As good as it sounds, the reality is different.

Over the past 15 years, big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google have invested huge amounts of money and time to create technology that is built according to the logic of human nature itself. In other words, a generation of technology has been created where its use instinctively comes to almost every human being. However, it has been observed that children learn to use it in record time, where they also manage to impress their parents and family.

The problem today lies in the fact that we still have to understand what children are really learning and what we mean by technological genius. A technological genius can be characterized by technological dexterity at the moment he can write and create things out of nothing. A technological genius is one who can solve complex technological problems in various spheres of professions.

Unfortunately, most applications today or even software that children are exposed to do not provide the space for the child to create. In this case, your child is just absorbing information, whether it is from Browsers browsing the web (in this case Reading), various videos from Youtube (in this case Learning) and various games on smartphones or computers (in this case, fun). Then the question arises, where did we leave Scripture ??? Through technology we are teaching children Reading but not Writing !!! And only when they go to University then we expose them about "Writing" or in our case Coding / Programming in technology… For many, this will be a late step!

For this reason, the Scratch programming language was developed by MIT University, through which children learn programming through computer games. Through this, they develop critical thinking, logic as well as learn the basic concepts of programming and creation in technology. This curriculum has only been implemented for several years now in the USA and UK.

This program is now also offered by the Digital School in Prishtina. The groups have started to form and will start in the first half of January.