Blog 09 Nov 2021

Vlora Gjurka

Interview with student Jona Durguti

Part of the programming world since the age of 8

Regarding her first impressions about programming, Jona said:
I started the programming course five (5) years ago, when I was eight (8) years old. This direction, for me at that time was a bit complicated and at the same time very interesting, special and dynamic.


Among the many projects developed she singled out her two best projects, and showed the benefits of the programming course
The two developed projects that I would single out are "Puzzle" and "Subsequent". Through programming, I have not only learned how to program, I have also learned to solve logical problems and develop critical thinking.

As a future programmer, Jona presented on the main stage of the tenth (10) edition of the KosICT Information Technology Festival. Moreover, she also told us her impressions
It was the first time I attended an Information Technology conference and I felt privileged to participate in KosICT. Before participating in KosICT, I thought of programming more as a hobby and not as a profession of my future. However, from the day I presented my project to a large audience who welcomed it, my view of programming was strengthened even more convincingly.

In this regard, Jona clarified the message of the project through which it was presented at KosICT
The "Subsequent" project worked on by me and my band friend, Erika Arllati, has an informative purpose, with lots of data on what the future will look like. So specifically how we envision payments, transportation, minerals and eye safety in the future.


Through this success story, she has a message for her peers
If you want to manage your free time effectively and develop programming skills, I would suggest you take a programming course. In addition to learning to code, you will also learn how to solve various logic problems by expressing your creativity.

Meanwhile, Jona informed us that she is currently focused on the most detailed learning of programming in Wordpress and while studying the field of Information Technology, she plans to review her offers in the labor market.

Learning programming has many benefits for children because it teaches them to think logically, to learn problem solving, to develop work habits, to express creativity and to socialize with the community of programmers from all over the world.