Blog 08 May 2016

Darsej Rizaj

Professions - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

If we look historically at the creation of professions and their disappearance in time, then we can notice a drastic change in the way of working and the category of professions only in recent years! All this is happening thanks to technology which has invaded every sphere of life. It is good to stop and look at where the future is leading us and think about whether we are preparing children for a future when in fact we today do not know what professions will exist in the period when they will grow up and be ready for work.

It is important to note that for this type of future, skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and creativity are more important than factual knowledge which today has been almost completely replaced by the internet.

Within the lessons in the Digital School, where the importance of teamwork or Crowdsourcing is explained, the students of the School, managed to provide sufficient data for the creation of the infographic of professions over the years. Through this, the students accomplished a research task where during its realization, they faced real challenges such as assigning a leader, leadership, following the leader, team challenges and online challenges to provide the right information.

Data found from the research conducted by Digital School students:


Working groups:
FP Elite
The Trumplers
White Hats