Blog 07 Feb 2016

Darsej Rizaj

Why programming is considered the alphabet of the digital age

In recent years, the importance of programming has gained much attention by creating a global awareness-raising initiative. In this move, US President Barack Obama has decided that programming should be mandatory in primary and secondary schools.

Only recently has mankind begun to realize how essential programming is, especially to the younger generations. Learning the scientific facts is becoming less and less relevant to the world every day considering that there are ways to search like Google that for every fact that interests you there is an answer for you within milliseconds.

Children today are growing up in a world very different from their parents. Phones, computers, Youtube, Facebook have become an integral part of their lives. Even toys have become digital, some of them can even be programmed. There is a big difference between the ability to use a computer, and the ability to understand the logic behind it all. When children learn programming, they begin to understand how to modify the digital world they are living in. Learning programming makes it possible for children that this digital world does not seem like magic or a miracle, but they will be able to understand the logic and science that controls this technology - that for them it will be real magic.


Mankind's dependence on technology will only increase. Today for children, passive computer use will no longer be enough, they will need to be able to understand it and control it.

The Digital Concept, recently opened in Prishtina, works with the same concept. Through a curriculum created by apostrophes for ages 7-15, the Digital School has started the education of the first generation of programmers of this age group, where more than 90 children have become part of this global initiative. Children at the end of the initial 4 levels will be able to create computer programs, digital stories, animations, games, or any digital material that their imagination can create.

The Digital School is now nearing the end of February grouping and is now the final week for booking a place for your kids.