Summer camp is one of the most beautiful experiences that every child should try at least once! Curriculum dedicated to children's practical skills in technology as well as visits to relevant companies. In order for children to see closely how technology companies operate in Kosovo, we will send them to visit the most successful companies led by young people who cooperate with international companies.

This will be a special experience for students because it will be one more motivation to follow the right lessons to become successful. Each child should learn how to create a presentation and how to present it properly in front of an appreciative audience or a wide audience.

Taking into account the great love of children for technological games, children for a short time will participate in organized technological games where they will compete with each other.
Curriculum dedicated to children aged 11-18 in order to gain practical skills in technology. The advantage of the online summer school is the opportunity to attend it anywhere in Kosovo, it is enough to have a laptop and internet access.

The curriculum consists of 5 different modules where each of them lasts from one week. Each module offers the teaching of practical skills in a field of technology. Students have the opportunity to choose one or more modules and gain the practical skills needed to succeed in the technology sector.