Blog 21 Apr 2021

Vlora Gjurka

Former President Jahjaga in support of girls in ICT

2021 Theme: Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures

On April 22, the Digital School is joining the global community participating in the celebration of International Girls in ICT Day (Information and Communication Technology), drawing attention to the need for more girls and women in the ICT sector.


Representatives from the Digital School were received at the meeting by the former president of the state

Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, has invited to the meeting some of the girls of the Digital School in order to promote as much as possible the participation of girls in ICT. Former President Jahjaga congratulated the girls for their commitment in the field of ICT and stressed that more conditions and opportunities should be created for young girls in order for them to pursue their dreams, especially for girls in rural areas. "Digital School as it offers certain programs for girls and boys, this is a very good dough for faculties and further studies in the field of ICT", said Jahjaga.


Jehona Binaku and Vlora Gjurka, programming instructors at the Digital School, emphasized that through the International Girls in ICT Day, they encourage girls and young women to continue their education in the field of technology and career development and skills in ICT because all countries jobs now require digital skills.

Meanwhile, the girls, Amela, Laida, Erika and Harisa, who have attended the programming course since the age of 10, informed the former President about their commitment as future programmers and about the various applications and websites that they have created.

Encourage and inspire young girls and women to pursue ICT education

With technology playing a role in all kinds of careers, from art and history to law, elementary teaching and graphic design, learning technical skills at a young age will make girls economically independent. And, the ICT sector needs more girls and women.

For a decade now, the international day "Girls in ICT" is celebrated every year

Since 2011, over 377,000 young girls and women have participated in more than 11,400 International Girls ICT Day celebrations in 171 countries around the world. Learning and studying in the field of ICT is very important, because young people can choose a career through which they can make a difference in people's lives and make the world a better place.


Inspire girls in their journey in the world of technology for without a doubt, the affairs of the future will be driven by technology and innovation.

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